There are lots of things for families to do in the Glen and we have lots of fun facts and activities to assist you to accommodate children of all ages. From small walks discovering the grounds on fact finding missions within the centre grounds to more widespread wildlife spotting activities throughout the glen we cater for it all.

activity pack




This is our in house created fun activity pack full of lots of puzzles and colouring activities to keep the kiddies occupied whilst parents can relax and take in our scenery.




glen nevis explorer




This is a great booklet by John Muir Trust and has everything from wildlife hunts to quizzes. Everything you need to explore the glen.





ogham orienteering



This is an activity specific to our grounds where we delve into the Ogham language of the Celtic people and learn a bit about orienteering on this tree hunt. Perfect activity even with young ones as it’s all on the flat within our grounds so no great distance.








This is our in house Quizzes, one is for a wider variety that you can take away and do at your leisure the other is an in house one that has all the answers within the centre, great for when you want to browse our information or have a chat with our staff and need something to distract the kiddies for ten minutes so you get peace to do so!




All of these are available at the front desk in the centre, just pop along and ask for them when you come on your travels.

We also have geo caching here in the glen this does require GPS technology and internet access to go back on and log your finds you can register for free and find out much more about this world wide activity at