“Go walking, go climbing, have fun on the hills
But are you quite sure that you have all the skills
To navigate safely with compass and maps
And don’t have to rely on some other chaps
To help get you down when the gales are blowing,
And you’re lost and you don’t have a clue where you’re going.

Tell someone what time you expect to be back,
Take food and a drink and spare clothes in your pack,
And a mobile phone and a torch and a whistle,
A survival bag’s good as you may find that this’ll
Help save your life if you do something wrong,
It will keep you from freezing ‘til help comes along.

Carefully check through your “Do and Don’t” lists
DO take nice photos, DON’T take any risks.
You must be aware at what time it gets dark
And of course check the forecast before you depart,
But for making the most of your day of adventure
Go talk to the guys at The Visitor Centre.”


Mike Conway

“I have crawled on hands and knees over the ice-bound plateau of Ben Nevis in the teeth of a snow laden hurricane worthy of Everest at its worst”

Frank S Smythe, celebrated mountaineer 1930’s